XML & AI implementations for eshops

We are thrilled to announce the recent advancements in our services with the incorporation of advanced automation and AI technologies for our esteemed e-commerce clients.

Taking a leap towards AI, we have pioneered an innovative addon module that seamlessly links e-commerce platforms with OpenAI’s ground-breaking solution, ChatGPT. This smart addition to your e-commerce toolkit makes the process of expanding and enhancing product descriptions effortlessly simple. It also enables you to create brand-new product descriptions based purely on product attributes such as brand, color, category, manufacturer links, and even product images.

But that’s not all. With a simple click, you can now generate captivating product posts for social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as compelling blog posts. This addon is perfectly synced with our intelligent system, Wizzius, which masterfully governs AI interactions, frames suitable prompts, and safeguards clients from incurring unwarranted expenses.

As for XML and API integrations, we have established a multitude of bridges connecting suppliers and e-commerce platforms. We pay meticulous attention to the creation of every connection, ensuring a swift, dependable, and effective integration that respects server resources and guarantees consistent functionality. Additionally, each integration accommodates intricate price alterations (markups), thereby relieving e-commerce managers from the task of manually inputting prices. We’ve further enhanced this feature by implementing intelligent category matching, allowing e-commerce platforms to set target categories for each product, irrespective of differing category names from suppliers.

To ensure a smooth transition, every newly implemented module comes with a three-month support period completely free of charge. We are excited about these additions and can’t wait for you to experience the benefits they bring to your e-commerce operations.

Posted on 21/07/2023 in Home Projects, PROJECTS & NEWS

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