e-Learning Seminars

E-Learning is the way to learn wherever, whenever you are utilizing technological tools and enhanced educational methods oriented to the trainees’ needs.

It’s the modern way of learning and training for companies, institutions, schools, universities that allow you to save money and time. Our training team with expertize on e-learning provides hands on workshops, pedagogically designed based on the principles of Adult Education.

The Training seminars

InterTEN organizes and delivers training seminars on how to create your online courses, administrate your e-class and establish your e-school. Attendance is limited to 3- 4 attendees, with hands on workshops facilitated by interTEN to ensure all participants get the most from the session.


Training program

Our training includes the following areas:

  • Development of e-courses and files management
  • E-class, users management, attendance and statistical data
  • Communication tools (forum, chat)
  • Educational tools (wiki, quiz, glossaries,  books, surveys, polls)



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