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interTEN is a web company, based in Athens, Greece having a rich project porftolio and experience on web technologies.

Since our foundation in 2005, we have undertaken and participated as developers, designers, tech experts, analysts or advisors in more than 80 web projects for the private sector, the public sector and the European Union (as subcontractors), turning ideas into successful web projects.

We love to create custom web applications, websites, portals, e-shops, platforms and backend systems. We are also doing integration with 3rd party systems, database design and analysis and responsive web design.

We use open source technologies and especially frameworks and content management systems based on PHP. All of our websites are now delivered to be responsive, meaning that they look fine on every device, including tablets and smartphones.

We always focus on user experience, performance, scalability and conversions.

We also provide a wide range of web related services including 4-level backup web hosting, free domain registration and online marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google.

interTEN has also participated in numerous European Union web projects including TRACON, PATHWAY, Open Science Resources, Learning with ATLAS at CERN, Discover The COSMOS and PEEP – Policy for Educator Evidence in Portfolios.

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