Bearing True South

Project Description

“Check your compass, get your bearings, join us on one of our adventures and let us show you Europe’s stunningly beautiful True South!”

This is the moto of the adventure travel agency, Bearing True South, that is more than an adventure tourism company. They organize nature based trips, ranging from off-road road trips and treasure hunt themed sailing, to shipwreck diving and adrenaline charged multi day mountain treks!

We had the pleasure to cooperate with their great team and develop a fully customized website, with amazing responsive web design by our friends at WEAC. The website was designed and developed including all the latest technologies and trends in web design, including vertical parallax, whereas an online booking system for people who want to join in this new way of traveling will be integrated in a short while. The back-end system developed by interTEN provides fast and easy update of every piece of information, including trip details, galleries, itineraries, maps and bookings in the near future.

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Client: Bearing True South

Tags: Tourism

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