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What our Clients say

  • Είστε άψογοι! Η επιλογή ανταγωνιστικής πλατφόρμας είναι μια σημαντική απόφαση. Το σημαντικότερο όμως είναι ο developer που θα υλοποιήσει το στήσιμο του webshop και η υποστήριξη που θα παρέχει μετά. Δοκιμάσαμε, από το 1996, διάφορες πλατφόρμες και developers. Πήραμε πικρά μαθήματα με κόστος υψηλό. Αισθανθήκαμε ότι πλέουμε στο άγνωστο με βάρκα την ελπίδα. Μέχρι που γνωρίσαμε την interTEN και τον Γιώργο Εγγλέζο. Πιάσαμε λιμάνι. Σωστό στήσιμο δύο web shops, σύνδεσή τους live με το ERP και το WMS μας, δεν είναι απλή υπόθεση. Πρόσφατα περάσαμε στην αναβαθμισμένη πλατφόρμα. Πάλι υλοποίησαν άψογα την πολύπλοκη μετάβαση. Στο μεταξύ, μας υποστηρίζουν άμεσα, ευγενικά και με «αγγλική» ακρίβεια. InterTEN μας είστε πολύτιμοι!

    — Dimitris Denegris, Owner & Manager at Lion Balloons —
  • It was a great experience cooperating with interTEN for our new e-shop. Now, three months after the launch, we experience the effectiveness, the easy handling of the procedure and of course the immediate increase in our sales! Thank you interTEN for the great job!

    — Frantzeska Diamantidi, E-Shop Manager at Fran & Lili —
  • A great “thank you” to the team of interTEN for the excellent implementation of what we initially requested for our e-shop and for the further steps that prompted us and helped us to achieve thanks to their experience and excellent professionalism!

    — Manto Florou, E-Shop Manager at Sempreviva Rosa —
  • We wanted to redesign our website and a friend suggested us interTEN. Results were outstanding. Our website advanced so much giving our product a boost that we had never imagined. They have turned professionalism to a complete new level. Glad to be able to cooperate with such a great company, keep up the good work!

    — John Karagiannis, R&D Manager at Olefini S.A —
  • When we decided to realize our new websites, we were looking for a company with innovative ideas, to bring on the web everything that we aspire. interTEN made it excellent!

    — George G. Kalavrias, General Manager at AAC Kalavrias —
  • Original ideas, solutions to any problem, support on a daily basis are these elements that make interTEN ideal for anyone who wants to promote his business in the best possible way. We cooperate with the company for three years now. We get the best feedback from the market when it comes to design and ease of use of our website from the clients.

    — Chryssa Economaki, General Manager at Cambia Books —
  • Our website has never had the boost, that they gave us. They are very professional and on time, and they provide high quality services.

    — Kyriakos Karaiskos, CEO at Diaplasi Publications E-Shop —
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