New e-commerce platform for Hoimes Tyres

Developing complex e-commerce application was always a challenge for interTEN. Therefore we are extremelly happy to present the new e-shop of a 1963 founded company, Hoimes Tyres.

This advanced, CS-Cart based solution, includes the following functionality and e-commerce features:

– Integration with Entersoft ERP

– Automatic stock, orders, price synchronization

– Connection and auto-synchronization with external 3rd-party warehouses

– Appointments management

– Custom search based on car model (includes thousands of car models)

– Custom search based on tyre dimensions

– Advanced filters for fast find of matching tyre models

– Order tracking mechanism with SMS

Our company, interTEN, is an official regional distributor of CS-Cart and is developing e-commerce solutions since 2009.

Posted on 18/07/2022 in PROJECTS & NEWS

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