New contract for EU project SciCultureD

In an era characterized by intricate dilemmas and multifaceted challenges, collaborative efforts across disciplines are crucial to devising solutions that benefit society as a whole. The essence of addressing these concerns lies in uniting a varied assembly of individuals with distinct expertise, then fostering their creative abilities and perspectives to catalyze meaningful change in their communities.

SciCultureD, an Erasmus+ initiative, seeks to confront these intricate dilemmas by adopting a holistic approach. It leverages Design Thinking and inventive educational methods, training participants to engage, converse, and cooperate within a diverse and multi-faceted setting. Through this project, we champion a culture rooted in transdisciplinary collaboration and shared creation, which we deem fundamental for a thriving democratic society.

Our firm, interTEN, has taken on the task of developing a web tool using the Laravel PHP framework. This tool assesses the transdisciplinarity of educational institutions in relation to their STEAM methodologies.

Posted on 13/09/2023 in Home Projects, PROJECTS & NEWS

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