New contract – Digital Platform for supporting European Union schools and teachers

Our company has signed a new contract for the development of the main platform of Reflection For Change project, funded by the European Commission. The platform will be utilized by 300 primary and secondary European schools, in urban as well as in rural areas while the sample for the validation of the proposed approach will consist of 1,500 teachers and 15,000 students.

The project aims at proposing an advanced support framework, as well as a set of core policy recommendations, to schools seeking to introduce a type of holistic change that will ensure a meaningful uptake of sustainable innovation, with an emphasis on achieving improved learning outcomes as set by the Europe 2020 strategy.

The school innovation profiling tool that will be developed by interTEN will be used to profile the innovation status of the school involved in the pilot activities and for visualizing the different elements of the individual schools innovation profile for the school heads, and the school innovation planning recommender system will be used for providing recommendations (and tracking the implemented innovation pathway) to school heads and teachers for strategic school innovation based the school innovation profile.

Posted on 20/07/2020 in Home Projects, PROJECTS & NEWS

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