Lion Balloons & e-Party

The challenge was huge. We had to transform the whole e-commerce infrastructure of two companies with tens of daily orders and several thousands of products into one single multi-store platform and create synchronization with the new ERP of the company (SoftOne).

The switch to the new infrastructure and the new ERP had to occur during one single night, so the company wouldn’t lose any sales. We also had to provide full synchronization between the ERP and the e-shop concerning the instant transfer of orders, the custom pricing for any B2B client, the hundreds of clients (the company is active for more than 50 years so) and the update of the stock quantities.

Our solution included a deployment strategy for the whole tranformation, including the new web server, migration of existing data, the software bridge to the ERP, the integration with Facebook Catalogs and the activation of our re-marketing tools iGenius & iReminder.

The last step was the optimization on every aspect of the system, that led to the following outstanding results in GTMetrix:

Posted on 05/11/2017 in PROJECTS & NEWS

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