Housin – A multi-vendor Furniture Marketplace

Home creations, from source to screen.

Housin is a pioneering furniture and home multi-vendor marketplace that offers unique solutions in the domestic furniture market. Our company, interTEN, on behalf of Housin founders, has created a modern online tool, to solve the problem of communication between home product producers and consumers. It’s all about a market of billions of euros, consisted by more than 3000 companies that still use outdated methods of sales and marketing solutions. What Housin does, is that it gathers all the local production to one marketplace, categorize it and bring it in front of every potential clients screen, who can be informed, choose, buy and evaluate both producer and product.

Housin exceptional design is unique and has been designed and developed from scratch, top to bottom, providing a different experience than any typical e-shop.

Regarding the payment of the vendors, we have implemented a split-payment solution that transfers the funds directly to the bank account of the vendor.


Posted on 14/04/2020 in PROJECTS & NEWS

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