E-Commerce Solutions



Auto-reminder for customers who have not completed their order or have created a wishlist

The average rate of cart abandonment is around 68%, so 7 out of 10 customers are leaving your e-shop without buying. An effective reminder system can recover around 30% of the abandoned carts. Our application sends a single reminder email to the visitors that have added products to their basket, but haven’t checked-out. The email is intentionally kept short and written in a friendly tone. It contains a list of all the desired products, a direct link to the checkout page for immediate purchase and optionally a discount coupon. The application is also checking for visitors who have products in their wishlist, but have not bought them yet.


Automatic personalized email to each client with suggested products, active discounts & blog posts

A smart application that suggests top products to each customer. After analyzing the previous orders of the client, it creates a top-seller list with products that have not been purchased or already suggested to the particular client. The email is also checking for active discounts or coupons, new blog posts or seasonal product categories. The personalized email is sent automatically every N days to the clients. No one-newsletter-for-all strategy anymore, no more unsubscribing clients, no staff performing sales analysis. Spend zero time and reach the perfect audience for any of your products.

Facebook Remarketing

Show your products to Facebook users who have previously visited a product page on your e-shop

We link your products and sales with Facebook. Once your current or potential clients login to Facebook, they get to see your top-seller products. They never see a product already purchased. They see exclusively either the products they have already viewed on your e-shop or the ones from your top-selling list. We also create a report showing the profits from orders initiated by this type of advertising, which also contains the advertising cost, giving you the opportunity to easily compare the performance of the campaign and make marketing decisions based on real facts.



Show the green safety lock icon to your visitors and gain their trust

Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other modern browsers are now informing your visitors about the security of your. If you don’t have activated an SSL yet, a red ‘No-Secure’ notification will be alerted to the users. Some of them will feel totally insecure and abandon your e-store. With just as 19€ / year, we will activate a trusted SSL (Comodo), show a green ‘SECURE’ lockpad and protect the data exchange with your clients.

Multiple Domains

Protect your Brand by registering more than your main domain

What if a competitor or just an individual registers a domain that is close to yours? Do not let similar domains get registered by third-parties, because your clients might visit other businesses and not yours. If your domain is mydomain.com and have not registered my-domain.com you will get in to trouble. With just 13€ / year you can protect your brand by registering one or more domains matching your main business domain.

Support & Upgrades

Never let your e-store or emais go down for hours or days

The complexity of the digital world means a lot of reasons an e-shop could fail. Therefore every e-shop owner is essential to rely on an experienced web company with strong knowledge of the software & server technologies, connected endpoints (ERP, Google, Facebook) and DNS architecture. Moreover, the software has to remain 100% secure and compatible with the future browser and server updates.

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