Bonstato Club & e-Shop

Our most recent e-commerce work is an E-shop – Club that combines bio products with nutrition advice programs from dietitians and plans from personal trainers and life coaches.

The e-shop has been built on CS-Cart platform and holds unique modern elements and advanced e-commerce features, such as product-of-the-week promotions with countdown timer, smart placed information blocks in product page that increases the conversion rate of the product etc.

Moreover, the e-shop is enhanced with microdata, ajax loading of products in the lists (lazy pagination), delayed loading of images, functional mega menu, identification of non empty user cart (attracting attention), display of the status for activated filters (navigation with optional deactivation), extra functionality for the mobile version (sticky block with the Buy and Filter button) etc.


Posted on 01/07/2021 in Home Projects, PROJECTS & NEWS

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